Korca Sees First Snowfall of the Season 

Korca Sees First Snowfall of the Season 

TIRANA, November 19

After a hot long summer and an unusually warm autumn and no rain at all, the first snowfall hit southeastern Albania during the weekend. It has been common since a few years for the seasons in Albania to switch from summer to winter and from winter to summer. Sheets of snow covered the entire southeastern region while temperatures dropped significantly. The city of Korca and the surrounding villages of Dardha, Vorkopoja, Vithkuqi, and Mokra area turned white.

The traffic police warned drivers to be careful especially in the following road sections Korca-Voskopoja, Korca-Dardha, Korca-Kapshtica. In the meantime, the Greek border police in Kapshtica Cross-border point announced on Sunday that it would allow only small vehicles with snow chains to cross the border due to the weather conditions.
On the other hand, snowfall marks the start of the winter season in southeastern Albania. Most of the top winter tourist destinations in Albania are located in this region.

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Photo Credit: TID Korca

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