Join the Harvest Festival and Celebrate Dibra’s Heritage

Join the Harvest Festival and Celebrate Dibra’s Heritage

TIRANA, September 30

The annual Harvest Festival in Dibra region is an event that promotes agricultural products and services and the tourism potential of the area. The festival that brings together local farmers and entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, local guides, representatives from the agribusiness and hospitality sector aims to promote the economic potential of Dibra region.
One of the largest agricultural fairs in Albania will take place on the occasion of the annual Harvest Festival on 4-5 October. The festival activities include culinary and crafts fairs, farm activities for all ages, outdoor events, music shows, and networking events.

Business opportunities

Dibra is more than apples and cherries. Agriculture, health tourism, and the creative industry are have created the most jobs in Dibra, and they offer high-quality products and services for the domestic and international markets.

Dibra is home to various landscapes and rich biodiversity. Lura National Park and Korab-Koritnik Nature Park are two protected areas on the opposite banks of Black Drin River. When in Dibra, it is possible to visit over 48 natural monuments, such as Pocesti Waterfall, Bellova Spring, Seta Springs, Lura Lakes, Kacnia Lakes, Murra, and the thermal baths, famous for their curative waters.

Dibra shares borders with North Macedonia and connection is possible through Bllata cross-border point. Moreover, a 72 km road that connects Peshkopia and Kukes, and further to Kosovo. The road runs along Kuksi Airport, which is expected to become operational. Meanwhile, Arbri Road will shorten the distance between Dibra region and capital Tirana.

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Photo Credit: Dibra Tourism 

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