Japanese Tour Operators Explore Albania’s Tourism Potential

Japanese Tour Operators Explore Albania’s Tourism Potential

TIRANA, October 17

Ten tour operators and media representatives from Japan visited Albania in order to learn more about its tourism potential, cultural, historic, and culinary values. This familiarization trip was organized by the National Tourism Agency and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The trip follows JATA EXPO Tokyo 2017 and was held in the frame of cooperation between JICA, the embassy of Albania in Japan and other countries of the region like Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.
The group of Japanese tour operators and journalists attended workshops with Albanian tour operators and they visited several hotels in Tirana. The group together with Japanese Ambassador to Albania Makoto Ito had the chance to explore the slow food movement in a local Tirana restaurant.
Albanian cuisine was appreciated by the Japanese visitors and they said that it is a strong promoting asset that adds value to the Albanian tourist product offered by several tour operators.
Further on, the tour organized by the National Tourism Agency included a trip to the city of Berat, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Japanese group was impressed by the city cultural and historic heritage, local cuisine and wine. Thus, they said that Berat is one of the most important places to visit in Albania.
This and other familiarizing tours with international travel agencies and journalist help to make a direct promotion of Albanian tourism products and regions in order to aim for all year-round sustainable tourism throughout Albania.

News Source: ATA

Photo Credit: AKT

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