Hungary and France Open Doors to Vaccinated Albanians

Hungary and France Open Doors to Vaccinated Albanians

TIRANA, June 10

The list of the European Union (EU) member countries that lifted travel restrictions for vaccinated Albanian citizens expanded with Hungary and France.
The Embassy of Albania in Hungary announced on Thursday morning that the agreement on the mutual recognition of the COVID -19 vaccination certificate between Albania and Hungary entered into force today, June 10th.
Therefore, all the fully vaccinated Albanian and Hungarian citizens can travel between the two countries. They will not be subject to travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile, France allowed the entry of a category of vaccinated Albanian citizens traveling with a biometric passport starting June 9th. According to Tirana International Airport (TIA), the citizens vaccinated with an EMA approved vaccine Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca/Oxford, and Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and equipped with a PCR test completed no longer than 72 prior travel, or an antigen test of the last 48 hours can enter France.

Based on TIA’s announcement the vaccination test is valid if it allows confirming the completion of a full-time vaccination, namely:

• 2 weeks after the 2nd injection for dual injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
• 4 weeks after injection for single injection vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);
• 2 weeks after injection for vaccines in people with a history of Covid-19 (only 1 injection required).

Moreover, restrictive travel measures continue to remain in place for unvaccinated Albanian citizens. They can travel only for essential reasons, to visit close family members, spouses, or children, who are residents in France or for study purposes. They must have a PCR test of the last 72 hours or an Antigen of the last 48 hours.

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Source: Albania in Hungary, TIA

Photo Credit: TIA

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