GTCI 2020: Is Albania Attractive for Skilled Workers?

GTCI 2020: Is Albania Attractive for Skilled Workers?

TIRANA, January 30

The Global Talent Competitiveness 2020 Index (GTCI) released at the World Economic Forum in Davos, reveals a talent gap in Albania in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The index is based on the findings of research from the Adecco Group, the world’s leading HR solutions company, in partnership with INSEAD and Google. The seventh edition of the index shows the ability of countries to benefit from the AI revolution by their capabilities to attract and retain talent.
The index places Albania 76th with a score of 38.94. The score is dragged down by weak performance in sectors related to low investments in emerging technologies, cluster development, tertiary education unemployment, external openness, brain gain, social mobility, sustainability, high-value exports, etc.
Albania specific findings
Albania, which considered an upper-middle-income country, is ranked 76th out a sample of 132 countries. Meanwhile, last year Albania ranked 75th.
Albania, Moldova, Turkey, North Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina occupied the last five spots in the European regional group.
According to GTCI, Albania’s biggest challenge is related to global knowledge skills which include high-level skills and talent impact. Albania got 104th place in this category.

Ranking for each key indicator
Enable – 83rd
Attract – 62nd
Grow – 73rd
Retain – 78th
Vocational and technical skills – 65th
Global knowledge skills – 104th

Albania GTCI 2020 country profile
Albania GTCI 2020 country profile

Moreover, the country with the best ranking in the Balkan region was Montenegro 53rd followed by Serbia 58th, Albania 76th, North Macedonia 89th, and Bosnia and Herzegovina 101st. Meanwhile, Kosovo was not induced in the research.
Global findings
Switzerland continues to lead the GTCI followed by the US, Singapore, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and Finland while Yemen has finished at the bottom of the list.

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