Government Approves 5 New HPPs Permits

Government Approves 5 New HPPs Permits

TIRANA, July 16

On a meeting held a few days ago, the National Territory Council (NTC) has approved 5 new permits for the construction of hydropower plants and has reviewed an existing one. River Gashi, even though it is known little, it is considered another pearl of the country. It is part of the Strict Reserve and Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. Two hydropower plants that are approved already and expected to be built are in the river mouth of Urake. The plan for their construction called ‘The construction of hydropower plants for Shutri 1 and Shutri 2” that starts with the river Shutri and the water resources of Shutri up to the river mouth of Urake, in the City Hall of Mat, with a winning firm the concessionary association ‘ATEANI sh.p.k’.

gashi river
A hydro-power plant is expected to be built on the river Gashi, which is considered a pearl of the country and part of UNESCO. Pictured: Gashi River Photo Credit/ Wikimedia Commons

River Urake was in the center of attention a few months ago, because of the constant protests of the locals, who objected the construction of the two hydropower plants in their zone. At that time, the minister on duty of Infrastructure and Energy, Belinda Balluku after listening to the complaints by the locals, annulled the project temporarily. Meanwhile, it is not known yet if the two new projects for the construction of the hydropower plants on the river Urake, are the same old ones left pending, or new ones.

Also, the National Territor Council has approved the construction permit for a new hydropower plant, Hec Veleshica 1 and Veleshica 2, on the river of the same name, branch of the river Drini i Zi, in the City Hall of Diber (Diber county) and City Hall of Kukes (Kukes county), choosing as a development subject the association ‘Kalisi Hydropower sh.p.k’. Another permit is given for the construction of the hydropower plants Ligjanca 1 and Ligjanca 2, on the river of the same name and the stream of Pishkash, City Hall of Prrenjas., with a winning firm, the concessionary association ‘Rei Energji sh.p.k.’

The last permit is given for the construction of the hydropower plant called KUC on the upstream of the river Shushica, City Hall of Himara, Vlora county, with a development subject, the association ‘Age Kuc sh.p.k.’ Also, NTC has approved the review of an existing permit and the delay of the deadline for the hydropower plants called DARSI 1 and DARSI 2, on the stream of Darsi, City Hall of Klos.
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy was involved a few months ago in a scanning process for the concessionary contracts of all hydropower plants in the country. From this process, it became known that 27 contracts that are related to the construction of 80 hydropower plants will be canceled because there was found law violation.


Photo Credit/ IBNA

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