Gjirokastra Celebrates 15 Years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Gjirokastra Celebrates 15 Years as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

TIRANA, July 14

This year the museum city of Gjirokastra is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List during the 29th session of the World Heritage Committee, the old town of Gjirokastra and its historic center joined the list of cultural sites of a universal value that makes them a legacy of all humans.
This important jubilee will be celebrated for five days, starting with a scientific conference at Zekati house and an agricultural fair at Cercizi Square on Tuesday. In parallel with the fair, an exhibition will take place on Wednesday at Kadare’s House. Festivities will include music events, documentary film movie screenings, open-air cinema, a motorcycles parade, and polyphonic music evenings.

Gjirokastra 15 Anniversary UNESCO

Gjirokastra was inscribed on the World Heritage List based on the cultural criteria three and four:
Criterion (iii): The old city of Gjirokastra is an exceptional testimony to a long-lasting, and almost disappeared society and lifestyle, influenced by the culture and tradition of Islam in the Ottoman period.

Criterion (iv): The historic town of Gjirokastra is a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town, built by farmers of large estates, around the 13thcentury citadel. The architecture is characterized by the construction of a type of tower house (Turkish ‘kule’), of which Gjirokastra represents a series of outstanding examples.

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Source: whc.unesco.org, Gjirokastra Municipality

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