Funari, an Excellent Day Trip from Tirana

Funari, an Excellent Day Trip from Tirana

TIRANA, January 3

Funari Lake, located between Tirana and Elbasan, is one of the less explored tourist destinations in the area. Funari is an excellent option for those looking for a day trip from Tirana. The lakes are named after a village surrounded by green water lakes and pine forests.

Funari Elbasan

They offer many options for outdoor events such as hiking, trekking, fishing, camping, and water sports in four lakes. How to get there? From the city of Tirana. Get on Tirana – Elbasan highway E852. Follow the highway to Kadri Hoxha Street in Elbasan. Drive to Letan, Bicella, and Funari Lake. It takes a 1h 22 min drive. Visitors have the opportunity to explore local cuisine and enjoy the natural settings all-year round.

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Photo Credit: Funari Local Unit

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