Flights between Albania and UK to be Cancelled

Flights between Albania and UK to be Cancelled

TIRANA, March 16

Albania will add the UK to the list of travel restrictions, Tirana International Airport (TIA) announced on Monday.

“To the attention of the passengers that are flying to the UK as a destination. To further prevent the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) the Albanian Government has announced that flights to and from the UK are suspended as of March 17th until a second notice,” it was said on TIA’s announcement.
Moreover, the airport advised travelers to get in contact with airlines or travel agencies.

Flight services between Albania and the UK are operated by British Airways, Albawings, and Wizz Air. So far, Albania canceled flight services with Italy and Greece.

Austrian Airlines to Suspend All Flights

Austrian Airlines announced that it would temporarily stop operation as of Wednesday’s night, March 18th. The airline confirmed that it will initially cancel all flights until March 28th. Passengers who have booked a flight during this period will, if possible, be rebooked to other airlines. Just two aircraft will remain in service for emergency and relief flights.

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Source: TIA

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