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A guide of the airlines with flights to and from Albania to Europe

Albanian Airline

Important Note: For the latest changes impacting flight frequency, capacity, schedules, and the wider market due to COVID-19 check out the daily updates by Tirana International Airport or contact the respective airline

Unless you’re traveling by boat, the easiest and fastest way to reach Albania is by plane.
Currently, there is only one international airport in Albania that operates commercial and charter flights. Named after Mother Teresa, Tirana International Airport (TIA) is often referred to as Rinas Airport. The airport was built between 1955 and 1957. The first commercial airlines operating were Aeroflot, Jat, Malev, Tarom, and Interflug.

Albania has direct flight routes with about 50 destinations in Italy, France, Austria, Greece, Germany, England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey, and Serbia.

In 2019, TIA served 3,338,149 passengers.
“The airlines carrying most passengers to and from Tirana in 2018 were Blue Panorama 18 percent, Ernest Airline 16 percent, Albawings 10 percent, Wizz Air seven percent, Alitalia seven percent, and Austrian Airlines six percent,” The Civil Aviation Authority announced.

Albanian Airlines

Albawings is currently the first Albanian airline that operates commercial and charter scheduled flights to Italian destinations, London, and Dusseldorf and this spring to Hamburg and Frankfurt. The company started its operation in 2016 with its Boeing 737-500 aircraft named Spirit of Tirana. The second aircraft was delivered to Tirana in December 2016 by the pilot and lead vocalist of Iron Maiden heavy metal band Bruce Dickinson.
The fleet of Albawings consists of three aircraft: two Boeing 737-400 and one Boeing 737-500

Air Albania

The new Albanian airline that was announced in early 2018  and its first route Tirana – Istanbul was operated by Lasgushi aircraft. On September 30th, 2019, Migjeni aircraft inaugurated Tirana – Bologna route.

Airlines currently operating at TIA-airport are:


Tirana – Rimini
Tirana – Florence
Tirana – Treviso
Tirana – Cuneo
Tirana – Ancona
Tirana – Bari
Tirana – Pisa
Tirana – Perugia
Tirana – Venice
Tirana – London STN
Tirana – Dusseldorf
Tirana – Frankfurt
Tirana – Hamburg

Air Albania

Tirana – Istanbul
Tirana – Rome
Tirana – Bologna
Tirana – Milan

Tirana – Rome

Austrian Airlines
Tirana – Vienna

British Airways
Tirana – London Gatwick

Jet Airfly
Tirana – Brussels

Tirana – Frankfurt

Tirana – Athens

Turkish Airlines by Air Albania
Tirana – Istanbul

Pegasus Airlines
Tirana – Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen

Blue Panorama Airlines
Tirana – Milan Malpensa
Tirana – Bologna
Tirana – Bergamo
Tirana – Verona
Tirana – Genoa
Tirana – Rome
Tirana – Turin

Air Serbia
Tirana – Belgrade

Tirana – Amsterdam (until March 30th)
Tirana – Paris

Wizz Air
Tirana – Budapest
Tirana – Dortmund
Tirana – London Luton
Tirana – Memmingen
Tirana – Vienna
Tirana – Milan Bergamo
Tirana – Pisa
Tirana – Verona
Tirana – Venice Treviso
Tirana – Bologna
Tirana – Brussels Charleroi
Tirana – Eindhoven
Tirana – Prague
Tirana – Paris Beauvais
Tirana – Berlin SFX
Tirana – Karlsruhe/Baden Baden
Tirana – Bari
Tirana – Rhodes
Tirana – Frankfurt Hahn
Tirana – Milan Malpensa
Tirana – Turin
Tirana – Heraklion
Tirana – EuroAirport Mulhouse Basel
Tirana – Catania
Tirana – Hamburg
Tirana – Barcelona
Tirana – Cologne
Tirana – Malmo
Tirana – Stockholm

Tirana – Zurich

Tirana – Milan
Tirana – Geneva
Tirana – London (Starting May 1, 2020, tickets on sale)

flynas (20 May – 4 September)

Tirana – Riyadh

Alternatives – Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Italy, and Macedonia

Fly to Korfu, Greece
If you plan to stay only in the south of Albania on the Ionic Sea, then you could also fly to Korfu. From Korfu one can take the ferry to arrive at Saranda in just 30 minutes with the fast ferry. The slower ferry is cheaper but takes 1:20 hours instead.

Fly to Prishtina, Kosovo
There are bus rides from Prishtina to Tirana several times a day and take around 5 hours time.

Fly to Podgorica, Montenegro
Bus rides from Podgorica take only around 4 hours.

Fly to Skopje, Macedonia
The bus rides from Skopje to Tirana are twice a day, once early in the morning and once late at night. This ride is longer and takes around 8 hours.

Fly to Bari, Italy
There are daily ferries from Bari to Durres. The ferry takes around 8-9 hours. Durres itself is just 45 minutes from Tirana.

Photo credit: TIA