Fines up to Imprisonment for Aggressive Pets’ Owners

Fines up to Imprisonment for Aggressive Pets’ Owners

TIRANA, 16 September 

With the beginning of this week, some changes are expected to be done in the upcoming plenary session at the parliament, in the Penal Code, regarding the owners of pets. Especially for those who own dogs, will have harsher penalties if they break the law. Referred to the new changes in the Penal Code, the violation of rules for owning and accompanying the dog, without paying attention, the failure to put the protective mask on for the aggressive dogs, the incitement on purpose of the exasperation of pets that pose a danger to the people, in public or open premises, constitutes a criminal offense, and will be fined from Lek30.000-100.000. 

Whereas, in case of a light injury of a person from a pet, the owner of the pet will be fined up to imprisonment for 6 months. But, in case the person has had a serious injury from the pet’s attack, the owner is expected to be imprisoned from 1 year to 5 years. And if the attack from the pet, results in the death of a person, the owner will be jailed from 3-10 years. These sets of measures are expected to be taken because many cases have been reported where the aggressive pets, specifically dogs have attacked strangers, and the owners of these animals have gotten away with the law. 


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