Penalties Expected for Those Who Kill and Mistreat Animals

Penalties Expected for Those Who Kill and Mistreat Animals

TIRANA, May 29

Killing and mistreating pets might cost greatly for pet-owners in the future. The Parliamentary Commission of Manufacturing Activities has voted in favor of the legal initiative, signed by 37.500 voters for the change of the Penal Code.

In the voting were present also two representatives of Animal Rescue of Albania and initiators of this proposition, Joel Kristo and Indrit Osmani. Besides the murder of pets, crime will be considered their mistreatment, slavery, organization of fighting between animals, and experiments done on them.

The convictions for the killing of pets might be up to 2 years, the same amount of time for the organizers of matches between animals and their owners, whereas for experiments carried on them the conviction is predicted to be 3 years.

All of the convictions will be fined up to €8970. But in order to come to force, the proposition has to pass for discussion through the Laws Commission of Parliament and then for voting from the MPs, and lastly, the president has to approve it.

Source/ Top Channel T.V.

Photo Credit/ The Parliament of Albania

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