Experts Restore 10 Icons at Korca’s Medieval Museum

Experts Restore 10 Icons at Korca’s Medieval Museum

TIRANA, April 8

Ten valuable byzantine-style icons have been restored recently by expert restorers at the Museum of Medieval Art in Korca. Among them are ‘Raising of Lazarus’, St. George of Ioannina, St. Mary, etc. The icons were restored at the premises on the museum lab.

The conservation and promotion of our cultural heritage is a joint mission to bestow physical and intangible attributes to future generations.

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Korca, a city known as the cradle of culture besides being an open-air museum offers a wide choice of museums to visit.

The National Museum of Medieval Art includes over 8,000 objects of art, 6,500 icons, stone and wood engravings, metal and textile that date back to early Middle Ages.

Artworks made by anonymous and renowned artists are put in display, while the most important collections include icons painted by Onufri, Onufer Qiprioti, Kostandini, Jeromonaku, Shpataraku, Selenicasi, Shpataraku Brothers and many others.

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Photo Credit: Museum of Medieval Art

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