Eurostat: Albania has the Lowest Minimum Wage in Europe

Eurostat: Albania has the Lowest Minimum Wage in Europe

TIRANA, January 31

Despite the decision of Albanian authorities for increasing the minimum wage from Lek 24,000 to Lek 26,000 per month starting January 1st, Albania still ranks among the European countries with the lowest minimum wages.
By the end of 2018, Albanian employees were paid a monthly minimum of Euro 210. According to the minimum wage map published on Thursday by Eurostat, this is the lowest wage in Europe.
Starting January 1st, the gross minimum wage in Albania increased Lek 2,000 thus becoming Lek 26,000. Yet, the minimum wage remains low compared to the other countries of the region.
The minimum wage in Serbia is Euro 308. Even though there are no data for Macedonia and Montenegro, official sources from both countries confirmed a minimum wage respectively of Euro 282 and Euro 288. In the meantime, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the highest minimum wage in the Balkans
The footwear and garment sectors and other sectors in the manufacturing industry are those that pay minimum wages. Representatives from the sector say that they would lose their international trade partners if they apply higher wages. Unfortunately, the minimum wage is among the competitive advantages of Albania. Thus, the orientation of the economy towards other sectors such as the BPO industry is recommended as a solution to this issue.

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