Albania to Raise Minimum Wage to Lek 26,000

Albania to Raise Minimum Wage to Lek 26,000

TIRANA, December 27

Starting January 1st, the minimum wage in Albania will be adjusted to Lek 26,000 per month and to Lek 149 per hour, the Council of Ministers decided on its latest meeting.
“Every person, civil or juridical, Albanian or alien is subject to the law,” the decision says.
Therefore, that the minimum monthly wage for every employee all over Albania will be Lek 26,000.
Moreover, the decision defines that the minimum wage is paid for 170 normal working hours.
The hourly minimum wage will be Lek 149. The law enters into force upon publication of the Official Gazette and full implementation occurs on January 1st. The current minimum wage is  Lek 24,000  and it was adopted on May 2017. This decision was repealed by the Council of Ministers.

News Source: PM’s Office

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