Dive into Blue Eye and Viroi Springs

Dive into Blue Eye and Viroi Springs

TIRANA, July 13

If you have traveled from Gjirokastra to Saranda or vice-versa there is no need to describe the beauty of the Blue Eye Spring to you. If you have not visited this site so far, it is difficult to put into words how beautiful this area is. The Blue Eye along with Viroi Lake are two springs of karst origin located on the opposite sides on Mali i Gjere Mountain.

These two sites attract numerous visitors. More than 30,000 people visited Blue Eye Spring in 2016. Visitors see and enjoy the beauty of these two natural monuments and their surroundings, but are you curious to see what’s deep in the underground caves?
We are sharing two videos of divers, via Top Albania, that have explored the cave system of Viroi and Blue Eye springs for all those that want to dive into these unknown caves.

Videos via Top Albania


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