Discover Local Products and Suppliers at ‘Tirana Agro 100’ Fair

Discover Local Products and Suppliers at ‘Tirana Agro 100’ Fair

TIRANA, October 21

Tirana Agro 100 Fair is an opportunity to get to know the culture of the Albanian capital better. The three-day event that will take place at Skanderbeg Square on 23-25 October offers an opportunity to consumers and businesses that are looking for local products and suppliers. The fair will consist of several stalls of local producers who will sell and present their local produce.

The event is organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, which also represents the businesses of the capital city. Given that over 65 percent of private companies in Albania are based in Tirana, the fair is expected to have a variety of participants especially from the food and crafts industry, rural accommodation services, medicinal and aromatic plants. The event is a good networking opportunity for businesses and startups in the food, accommodation, or cosmetic industry who are looking to save on costs by cutting out middlemen and intermediaries and get a direct connection to suppliers.

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Source: CCIT

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