Discover Grazhdani Castle in Peshkopia

Discover Grazhdani Castle in Peshkopia

TIRANA, October 11

Those who travel to Dibra for sure know how to taste the adventure as the region is known for its great food and outdoor experiences. Dibra is not as popular as other regions, yet it has the resources to develop a sustainable tourism industry that would provide social, environmental, and economic benefits. Although not too much commercialized, the region is a key player in the medical tourism in Albania. Peshkopia thermal baths attract visitors from all over the country, nearby North Macedonia, and the Albanian diaspora. Thermal tourism to Peshkopia is popular among older adults, who are regular visitors.

However, the region is appealing to younger Albanian and international visitors interested in outdoor activities and cultural tourism.
Despite being one of the most important castles in the Balkans, Grazhdani Castle is a lesser-known cultural attraction. It is located 11 km southeast of Peshkopia, between Maqellara and Grazhdani streams, both tributaries of the Black Drin River.
The castle and citadel have 40 towers and it’s twice the size of Butrinti site and wall perimeter is over 3,000 meters. This and other elements make Grazhdani one of the largest citadels in Albania during the late antiquity.

The castle was built on hilly terrain between 525 and 600 meters above the sea level. Grazhdani had a geostrategic position in the Black Drin valley especially in terms of the trade and military routes that connected the Roman provinces on the Adriatic coast with Dardania and Macedonia through Via Egnatia and Lissus-Naissus.

Some other fortifications that date back to the same period are located nearby the castle. Gradeci Castle, Gradisht of Peshkopia, Topojani citadel are among them.

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Source/Photo Credit: IMK

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