COVID-19 Hurts Freight and Passenger Markets

COVID-19 Hurts Freight and Passenger Markets

TIRANA, September 28

Albania saw a significant drop in the performance of the transport sector in January-August 2020 compared to the same period a year earlier, the Institute of Statistics confirmed on Monday.
According to the data, the performance of the freight transport declined by 9.7 percent in Jan-Aug 2020.
Rail transport declined by 39.9 percent to 16,333 freight-ton-kilometers, while air freight transport declined 24.9 percent during the same period.
Waterway transport declined by 9.7 percent.
Moreover, INSTAT confirms that 16 airlines operated flight services from and to Albania during Jan-Aug 2020. Y-o-y data show a 20 percent decline in the number of airlines. Meanwhile, passenger transport by air declined by 58.8 percent to 915,646 passengers in Jan-Aug 2020.
In the meantime, passenger transport by sea declined by 77 percent compared to Jan-Aug 2019.

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Source: INSTAT

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