Captivating GO PRO photos captured in Albania -by Arton Krasniqi

Captivating GO PRO photos captured in Albania -by Arton Krasniqi

Some weeks ago we published an article about Top 6 photographers of the Albanian nature, most of them contestants at “Colours of Albania” photo competition. The competition’s deadline was in July 31st and the winners will be announced on September 1st of this year. supported and advertised the competition since in early May and since then we have discovered a group of very professional photographers which despite being very passionate about the Albanian nature, make efforts in promoting the beautiful landscapes of the country online.

During this “Instagram journey”, we discovered the passion Arton, of a hiker which captures unique moments in ordinary places and transforms them in extraordinary landscapes with his ‘best friend’ – his GoPro camera. His photos captured in well-thought angles offer all the possible nuances and flavors of nature, more than what a normal person with a Go Pro can offer. The below-listed photos show an extraordinary, peculiar, exceptiona, ultra, kinky and unique Albania that invite you to visit and explore it. Visit Arton’s Instagram.

Valbona valley

Arton’s Gallery

1. Grama Bay  – Karaburun
gjiri i grames karaburun

2. Dhermi beach
dhermi beach

3. Lumra beach – Lukove
Lumra beach - Lukove

4. Jala beach

5. Dhermi beach
Dhermi beach

6. Dhermi beach

7. Dhermi beach
Dhermi beach

8. Dhermi beach

9. Dhermi beach

10. Drymades beach

11. Divjaka Lagoon

12. Manastiri beach – Ksamil
manastiri beach - ksamil

13. Dhermi beach

14. Divjaka Lagoon

15. Prishtina city
Tirana city

16. Tirana city

17. Tirana Artificial Lake
tirana lake



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