Call for Promotion of Agrotourism Enterprises

Call for Promotion of Agrotourism Enterprises

TIRANA, May 28

If you run or own an agricultural-based operation that also provides leisure and educational activities for visitors, this can be an opportunity to get your agrotourism promoted.
Albanian authorities in cooperation with GIZ have launched a call for the promotion of agrotourism under the support of the ‘Sustainable Rural Development project. The call aims at promoting sustainable growth in rural areas by identifying and boosting agrotourism enterprises that provide additional service to traditional farm activities. Moreover, the subjects should be open for visitors and be interested to get promoted on digital platforms.
The call published by Sustainable Rural Development invites all farmers involved in agriculture, livestock rearing, and fisheries or aquaculture to apply.
The only condition for the farm is that it must offer one of the following services:
Food and beverage services
Leisure/ entertainment activities
All interested enterprises can apply HERE
The deadline for applications is 30 May.

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Source: Sustainable Rural Development 

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