Best Winter Activities in Dibra

Best Winter Activities in Dibra

TIRANA, January 21

With incredible winter scenery, a winter holiday in the Dibra region is always a good idea. Korab-Koritnik Nature Park creates a gorgeous and pleasant atmosphere that makes for a memorable experience.

Inspiring reasons to visit Dibra this winter

Great hotel deals
Korab-Koritnik Nature Park is absolutely breathtaking
The glacial lakes in Lura National Park are a winter wonderland
Local food and drinks are so special and unique
Support the growth and development of local businesses and farmers
Take home all sort of delicious food for your winter stock-up list

Hiking and walking tours and outdoor adventure

Paragliding in Dibra
Paragliding in Dibra, credit: Ecovolis


Korab-Koritnik Nature Park

Korab Koritnik Nature Park
Korab Koritnik Nature Park, credit: AZM Diber

Korab-Koritnik Nature Park covers an area of over 55,550 hectares in the regions of Kuksi and Dibra. The park borders with Mavrovo National Park in North Macedonia and Sharri National park in Kosovo. The landscape of the park is beautiful and rare and it is regularly visited by numerous mountaineering associations that climb to the mountain summit at 2,764 meters above the sea level, which is also the highest peak in Albania.

Lura National Park

Lura National Park
Lura National Park, credit: Parc National de Lura

Lura was proclaimed a national park of the second category in 1966 to protect the biodiversity and ecosystem of the area The Park covers a total surface of 1,280 hectares in the Dibra region. Lura is known for its glacial lakes such as the Lake of Flowers, Kallaba Lake, the Blake Lake, the Big Lake, etc.

Kacnia Lakes

The 15 glacial lakes of Kacnia are an unknown destination even though they’re located not far from Lura lakes. The lakes got the attention of hikers and outdoor enthusiasts that explored Balgjaj Mountain also known as Allamani Mount in Kater Gryket (four gorges). Glacial activity created a jagged terrain with several peaks such as the Miceku, Arnishta, and Gurrat e Zeza.

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Pocesti Waterfall Tour

Pocesti Waterfall Dibra
Pocesti Waterfall, credit: AZM Diber

Difficulty level: normal
Duration: 3.5 hours
The 40-meters-high waterfall is located in Korab-Koritnik Nature Park. It lies at the foothills of Kercini Mountain. Other attractions in the area include Gerzhdani Castle, the five-century-old churches in Kercisht, Allabegia Mosque, etc.

Hinoska Mountain tour
Off-road and hiking tour one hour away from Peshkopia.

Staravec-Bahute-Zimur-Grama Mountain tour and stay in a local guesthouse

Grama Diber
Grama Diber, credit Mali Korab

Visits to shepherds settlements in the mountains, off-road trips, paragliding depending on weather conditions, etc.
Visits to the healing monasteries of Staravec and Zimur village, one of the highest settlements in Albania. Zimur seats at 1,387 meters above the sea level.

The healing valley to Rabdisht Village tour

Rabdisht in Korab Koritnik
Rabdisht, credit: AZM Diber

This is a short hiking trail that runs through the thermal baths (llixha) of Peshkopia, Bellova, Cerjan, Zagrad, and Radbisht villages.

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The City Tour

Local guides offer the opportunity to explore the architecture, history, and key attractions in Peshkopia city.

Biking and hiking in Bulqiza, the town of chrome

Bulqiza Guesthouse
Bulqiza Guesthouse

Bulqiza is a poor town sleeping on gold with a lot of potential for rural tourism. Visit Bulqiza Traditional Guesthouse for the best of  local experience. Take a tour of the glacial lakes of Dhoksi.

Main Photo: Canoeing in Dibra credit: Ecovolis

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