Best Autumn Road Trips in Albania

Best Autumn Road Trips in Albania

TIRANA, October 30

Fall foliage is the best show of the season and you can take a trip to witness one of the most beautiful natural phenomena. Leaf-peeping as known in the United States is an activity in which people hit the road and travel to places where they can enjoy or photograph the fascinating process chlorophyll breakdown.

We already wrote our guides for the best road trips and the most scenic drives in Albania. Now it’s literally the time to write about the most scenic leaf-peeping road trips in Albania.

People worldwide use digital maps and technology to trace the pace of autumn across their countries, but unfortunately, there’s no such interactive tool available in Albania. Here are our suggestions for the best Autumn road adventures across Albania.

Kruja – Qafeshtama National Park

Qafeshtama National park
Road to Qafe Shtama, Credit: Shkreli Park


Pogradec-Korca – Voskopoja – Dardha – Vithkuq – Boboshtica – Llenge


Autumn in Pogradec
Autumn in Pogradec by Ardian Fezollari


Tirana – Dajti – Shengjergj – Mali me Gropa Bize Martanesh Protected Landscape

Bize Martanesh Protected Area
Autumn in Bize Martanesh Protected Area


Elbasan – Shebenik – Jabllanica National Park

Shebenik Jabllanica National park in Autumn
Autumn in Shebenik Jabllanica by Ilir Shyti


Fierza – Qafe Mali old road

Fierza Qafe mali road
Fierza Qafe mali is a countryside dirt road, Photo Credit: Abdulla Diku


Doberdol Mountains – Bjeshket e Doberdolit

Doberdol – means beautiful valley
The Mountains are located in the upper part of the Gashi valley in Tropoja. They extend northeast of our Alps and begin at the top of the glacial valley of Doberdol. The reddish/brown hue in this photo is because of the blueberry bushes growing all over the area. Description and photo by Abdulla Diku.

Doberdol Mountains

Gashi River Beech Forest – Lumi i Gashit
Gashi River is a natural property inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as part of the Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe. Photo Credit: Abdulla Diku

Gashi River forest

Nikaj Mertur

Nikaj Mertur
Up to the mountain, photo by Abdulla Diku

Elbasan – Bishek – Gjinar

Gjinar Elbasan



Shkodra – Koplik – Leqet e Hotit – Tamara – Selca – Lepusha

Leqet e Hotit
Leqet e Hotit Mountain Pass overlooks Cemi River Valley, credit Abdulla Diku

Shkodra – Koplik – Rec – Razma – Thethi National Park – Nderlysa

Rec Malesi e Madhe
Rec in Malesi e Madhe is known for delicious chestnuts, credit Abdulla Diku

Vau i Dejes – Gomsiqe – Kcire – Puka – Kryezi

Livadh-Hamz, Terbuni and Kushneni Mountains in Puka

Terbuni and Kushneni Mountains
Autumn in terbuni and Kushneni, photo by Ilir Shyti
Munella Mountain
Munella Mountain in Puka, photo by Ilir Shyti

Mesopotam – Bistrica – Blue Eye – Muzina Pass – Gjirokastra – Uji i Ftohte Tepelena – Ura e Leklit – Dragot – Kelcyre – Piskova – Benja – Piskova – Hotova Fir National Park – Permet – Leusa –Petran – Carshova – Leskovik – Shelgur Germenje Nature Reserve – Sotira Farm – Borova – Barmash

Road from Borova to Barmash i Kolonja region. Photo credit: Abdulla Diku

Road to Divjaka- Karavasta National Park

Road to Divjaka-Karavasta National Park
The road to Divjaka-Karavasta by Abdulla Diku


Prespa National Park

Autumn in Prespa
Autumn Colors in Prespa, Photo by Ilir Shyti


Lura National Park



Photo Credit: Abdulla Diku/ Ilir Shyti

Credit: IIA

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