Berat Promoted as Must-Go Destination for Japanese Tourists

Berat Promoted as Must-Go Destination for Japanese Tourists

TIRANA, February 13

More tourists from Japan are expected to visit the city of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site during 2019-2020. The city ranks among the favorite Albanian destinations for the Japanese tourists. Chikyu No Arukikata 2019-2020 (The Globe-Totter Travel Guide Book) or the Japanese version of Lonely Planet ranks Berat among the top Central Europe destinations for Japanese tourists. Chikyu-No-Arukikata is the Main Player in Bookstores and Overseas Travel Guidebook Corners. Over eight million copies of the guidebook are sold every year.

Groups of Japanese tour operators have been visiting Albania during recent years in order to learn more about its tourism potential, cultural, historic, and culinary values. Several familiarization trips were held to slow food movement restaurants and Berat. Albanian cuisine was appreciated by the Japanese visitors and they said that it is a strong promoting asset that adds value to the Albanian tourist product offered by several tour operators. In the meantime, the Japanese group was impressed by Berati’s cultural and historic heritage, local cuisine and wine. Thus, they said that Berat is one of the most important places to visit in Albania.
Two years from the visit, Berat is among the must-visit destinations in Eastern Europe by Japanese tourists.

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Source/Photo Credit: Albania in Japan

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