Berat among Best European Destinations without Crowds

Berat among Best European Destinations without Crowds

TIRANA, November 7

Mass-tourism has an impact on destinations that people love, both for the visitors and for the local people. FOX Italia dedicates a list of suggestions to the travel enthusiasts that have visited all the European major capitals and popular destinations and are now looking for places that are less crowded and even cheaper. If the presence of crowds is a key factor when planning your vacations, take into consideration this list of five less-traveled cities suggested by FOX Italia.
Among the list, the Albanian city of Berat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is ranked for its beautiful architectural style and also for common human values such as tolerance and harmony.

Berat Albania
“Berat is one of the oldest Albanian towns. It is estimated that it dates back to the fourth century BC. This picturesque town can be considered a gem to visit for the incredible glimpse of its white Ottoman-style houses and the Castle that overlooks it,” the article published a few days ago says.
Moreover, it highlights the fact that Berat is also a demonstration of how different religions can coexist in a single town in peace and harmony. In all neighborhoods, it is possible to find cult objects such as old churches and mosques. Berat is located 130 km away from capital city Tirana.
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According to Fox Italia, the four other cities that are still safe from massive tourism are Riga in Latvia, Kotor in Montenegro, Bath in England, and Bergen in Norway.
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