Bankers Petroleum fined with 40ml ALL for environmental damage

Bankers Petroleum fined with 40ml ALL for environmental damage

The Inspectorate of Land protection in Fier County has charged Bankers Petroleum Company for damaging the environment by continuous abuses regarding the hydrocarbons waste spill in agricultural lands. The Inspectorate presented its decision to fine with 40ml ALL the company for the contamination of agricultural lands and uninterrupted subterranean explosions which have alarmed the locals of Patoz-Marine and Zharrez, in Fier city.

Bankers Petroleum is Canadian company which currently operates in Albania in the hydrocarbons sector, in the exploration of oil reserves in Fier County.

The company has been spilling its wastes in land space for which it has not signed usage contracts with competent state institutions. The continuous claims of citizens have been presented by the Inspectorate of Environment to the Ministry of Agriculture and Energy. According to the locals, the environmental damages of the company are inestimable and appeal to the Ministry of Energy to take the necessary measures.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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