Awesome Things to Do Out of Tirana this Weekend

Awesome Things to Do Out of Tirana this Weekend

TIRANA, September 21

If you haven’t already planned your weekend, this list of events out of the capital city can help you take a short trip to the other side of Dajti Mountain and observe the Tomato Festival in Shengjergji Village. You can take a longer trip to the southern highlands of Kurveleshi in Nivica Village and join a group of international artists that will stage their performances on the ruins of Nivica. Don’t forget about the European Mobility Week!

Tomato Fest Shengjergj, Saturday
Nivica Art Residence, Legends on Circular Ruins, Sunday-Saturday
European Mobility Week, Durres, Saturday
Travel and Celebrate, Shkodra, Saturday
The Night of European Cinema in Lezha, Saturday
Rock the Skanderbeg Castle, Kruja, Saturday
Food Fair at the Castle, Kruja, Sunday

Photo Credit: Tirana Municipality

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