Albanians Can Soon Use Vanity Plates (without having to go to the UK)

Albanians Can Soon Use Vanity Plates (without having to go to the UK)

TIRANA, December 17

Albania will soon join the list of countries that issue personalized plates also known as vanity plates, the General Directorate of Road Transport Services (DPSHTRR) announced on Friday. This means that every citizen who owns a vehicle can apply for a personalized plate with up to seven characters, letters, and numbers, just like the British plates, for example, BISHA (the beast), one can randomly see on the Albanian roads. The service will come with an extra fee. Considering the ‘obsession’ of Albanians with their cars, this new service might turn into a significant source of revenue for the DPSHTRR.
Moreover, other novelties related to vehicle plates include small front plates 360 x 100 mm, rear US type plates 305 x 153 mm, and new 177 x 177 motorcycle license plates. All these services will have extra fees, which aren’t yet defined. The DPSHTRR will proceed with the implementation of those novelties as soon as the decision becomes public in the Official Gazette.
Moreover, the institution informed that the extra revenue that will be generated from these services is going to be used for the further modernization of its services, dedicated programs on the green and automotive culture, educational activities on road safety, etc.

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Source/Photo Credit: DPSHTRR

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