Albanian Govt to Start Vlora Airport Negotiations in 15 days

Albanian Govt to Start Vlora Airport Negotiations in 15 days

TIRANA, March 2

Official negotiations with the Turkish consortium that will construct Vlora airport are expected to start after 15 days when the law on special procedures followed regarding this project will enter into force, Scan TV reported on Thursday.
Discussions are expected to start in 45 days from the moment when the law will come into effect. They will focus on the design, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, and management of the project that is planned to be implemented in Akerni area.
The negotiation procedure on the contract signing will be led by the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy and five representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Economy, the State Advocate’s Office, the Civil Aviation Authority and other institutions. Afterward, the contract will be submitted for approval by the government and the parliament.
The official announcement on the project proposal for Vlora airport has been announced in January while the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy confirmed that it would be a private investment.
Further on, Minister of Finances Arben Ahmetaj said the budget cost for the airport would be $2.5 million per year. On its part, the Albanian government will take only the demand risk. MIE’s Damian Gjiknuri said that Vlora airport is a necessity in order to meet the demand air travel that has doubled. The new Airport in Vlora is expected to have lower fares compared to Tirana International Airport (TIA) or also known as Rinas. The Albanian government submitted the draft-law on the negotiation procedure with the Turkish companies to the parliament. According to report on the explanation of the accompanying bill, the Turkish company proposed lower flight fares compared to TIA fares.

News Source: Scan TV
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