Vlora Airport to offer Lower Prices than Rinas

Vlora Airport to offer Lower Prices than Rinas

TIRANA, January 29

The new Airport in Vlora is expected to have lower fares compared to Tirana International Airport (TIA) or also known as Rinas. The Albanian government submitted the draft-law on the negotiation procedure with the Turkish companies to the parliament. According to report on the explanation of the accompanying bill, the Turkish company proposed lower flight fares compared to TIA fares, Top Channel reported.
Based on the same report, the exact structure of fees will be determined during further discussions between the Turkish consortium and the negotiation committee.
The government aims at signing a contract that has a minimal impact on the state budget.
According to the initial project, the consortium of three will invest Euro 100 million for the airport construction. In exchange, they will manage the project for a defined period of time and also received a guaranteed profit.
Based on the above-mentioned report, the government foresees that over 80 percent of international tourists travel to Albania through Vlora Airport. This would make it larger than TIA in terms of passenger number.

News Source: TCh

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