Albania to Scrap Old Cars through Subsidy

Albania to Scrap Old Cars through Subsidy

TIRANA, November 4

A new initiative that would help to improve air quality in Albania and that was implemented in the European Union (EU) countries since years focuses on subsidizing the owners of old cars to scrap them and bay a new lower emission vehicle. This is what the EU countries consider a scrappage program. The initiative includes many other measures such as stopping circulation in city centers and overtaxing for too old cars.
“In order to encourage drivers to buy a new vehicle with modern emission standards financial support is needed. This initiative foresees to include 15,000 drivers and the total value is expected to be Euro 15 million,” representative from the sector of air climate change at the Ministry of Environment, Laureta Dibra said.
Air pollution levels in Albania remain high, but there are cities where the situation is concerning and other cities there it exceeds the limit set by the European Union. Moreover the government is revising the tax system on vehicles.
“Vehicles that pollute more will pay more taxes, while lower emission cars will be removed from the tax system,” Dibra added.
So far three main areas have been identified. The first zone, which is the most critical includes Tirana and Elbasan. The second includes Fier, patos, Ballsh, Vlora, Durres, Korca, Shkodra, Kamza and Paskuqan. The third area includes cities where emissions are within the limit.

The national plan on the management of air quality is being discussed with stakeholders and new proposals are expected until it will be adopted by the Council of Ministers.

News Source: BW

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