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Albania Ranks 24 among Countries with the Cheapest Food in the World

TIRANA, January 19

Albania, according to, Albania ranks 24th in the list of countries that offer the cheapest food. Based on the price index of restaurants, a three courses meal for two in an average restaurant costs Euro 17. Cheap prices and delicious food appeal to tourists that come and visit Albania. This fact has been pointed out also by international media.
“Everything is cheap. One beer in a restaurant costs Euro 1.5, a delicious main course costs Euro 3-5, accommodation costs about Euro 15 and transportation is cheap too,” Nomadexpress said on its article ‘One week in Albania’.
Numbeo’s list doesn’t compare prices to incomes. Even though Albania is one of the countries with the cheapest food in the world, there are two countries in the region with lower food prices. In Macedonia, a three courses meal for two in an average restaurant costs Euro 14 while in Bosnia and Herzegovina it costs Euro 16.
However, compared to the coastal countries of the region Albania is the less expensive when it comes to food. A common lunch for two, without seafood, in Montenegro costs about Euro 25, In Croatia, it costs Euro 27, in Greece it costs Euro 32 and in Italy it costs Euro 53.
Tourists in Albania are surprised by the high-quality and low-price of seafood. Restaurants in Durres and Saranda are the most preferred for seafood consummation. Albanian cuisine is praised for its authentic food and dishes that combines traditional elements with the Mediterranean, Italian, Greek and Turkish influences.

News Source: Monitor