Albania Raises Monthly Minimum Wage to Lek 30,000

Albania Raises Monthly Minimum Wage to Lek 30,000

TIRANA, January 6

Starting January 1st and onwards, the national minimum wage in Albania increased from Lek 26,000 to Lek 30,000. The decision to adjust the minimum wage to Lek 30,000 per month or Lek 172.4 per hour was adopted by the Albanian Council of Minister in mid-December.
The decision defines that every employed individual, physical or legal, Albania, or alien is subject to the law.
Hence, the monthly minimum wage will be paid for 174 normal working hours. Moreover, the previous decision adopted in December 2018 that adjusted the minimum wage from Lek 24,000 to Lek 26,000 was annulled by the Council of Ministers.

According to the data from the General Directorate of Taxation, over 251,000 individuals will be affected by this decision.

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Source: PM’s Office

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