Albania Overboard 2019, Swim to Remember

Albania Overboard 2019, Swim to Remember

TIRANA, August 8

If you’re going to be in Albania by the end of August and you’re an experienced swimmer looking for an exhilarating experience, don’t miss this event.
Albania Overboard 2019, an annual open swimming event that defies maritime borders, will take place on 31 August in the site that for many decades was the gateway to freedom for the daring ones.
Swimmers from numerous countries have joined the challenging event over the years and crossed the two miles of the Strait of Corfu that divides Albania from the Greek Island.

On this edition, the organizers would like to have more participants from Albania.
The charity swimming race uniquely connects Albania and Corfu and it’s one of a kind event for experienced swimmers. The contestants will follow a route through the azure waters of the Ionian Sea under the supervision of safety boats.
Besides the facts that the race adds to Albania’s tourism offer, it helps to remember all the Albanians that dared to escape during Communism through this route. (more to follow on remembrance and dark tourism in Albania)
All the persons interested in joining Albania Overboard 2019 can contact Auron Tare:  [email protected]

Source/ Photo Credit: Auron Tare

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