Albania moves to Legalize Medical, Industrial Cannabis Cultivation

Albania moves to Legalize Medical, Industrial Cannabis Cultivation

TIRANA, July 1

A minimum of Lek 1 billion (approx. Euro 840 million) and a surface area of cultivation of cannabis no less than five hectares, will be among the main requirements to obtain a cultivation license in Albania. The newest proposed bill on ‘The control of cannabis and its products cultivation and processing for medical and industrial purposes’ unveils all the requirements for legal cultivation and processing of cannabis.
The purpose of the bills that will regulate a subject that has been regarded as very much a hot potato.
Albanian citizens have 21 days to comment on the new bill currently available for public reading, and only in the Albanian language.

The bill aims to regulate and guarantee control processes, tracking the cultivation and processing of cannabis and its byproducts intended for medical and industrial purposes as well as their export conforming to the law.
According to the bill, a new national agency will be responsible for every process related to legal cannabis cultivation.
Moreover, it defines that the validity of cultivator licenses for medical cannabis will be 15 years, and it can be renewed again. The surface area of cultivation units per license holder can be no more than 150 hectares, on the national range. One unit can be between five and ten hectares.

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Applicants must have previous experience in medical cannabis cultivation, production, and administration.
The applicant or one of the shareholders who own 51percent of shares must exercise the activity of cannabis byproduct production in one of the OECD member countries. Moreover, he/she must have a Good Manufacturing Practice issued by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Last but not least, the applicant must own a capital of Lek 1 billion.
Applicants will also be required to present a security clearance certificate.
For other details find the bill HERE.

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