Albania Makes Face Masks Mandatory Outdoors

Albania Makes Face Masks Mandatory Outdoors

TIRANA, October 12

Albanian authorities introduced a new measure to make face masks compulsory when outdoors starting this Thursday. General Director of State Police Ardi Veliu said during a press statement on Monday that citizens are required to wear a face-covering at all the times while out of the home. Moreover, he added that police units will monitor the enforcement of the new measure. So far, authorities had approved an order to wear face masks in indoor closed areas, however, many citizens and subjects fail to implement the order correctly. People without face masks are often seen in supermarkets or in closed premises where it’s not possible to keep a distance.
Veliu said that the police hopes for the cooperation of everyone in order to avoid a second closure like in spring. An increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases has prompted Albanian authorities to act now to avoid possible shutdowns in the future.
“Our goal is not to punish citizens, but to protect their lives and health,” Veliu said.

He also added that citizens who will fail to comply with the measure will be subject to the penalties and measures defined by the law.

Source: State Police

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