Albania Makes Masks Mandatory in Indoor Public Spaces

Albania Makes Masks Mandatory in Indoor Public Spaces

TIRANA, July 15

Face masks will be compulsory in all indoor public spaces across Albania, Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu announced on Wednesday. According to the newly adopted verdict, everyone must wear a face mask in enclosed areas, public administration facilities, public transportation, malls, shops, grocery stores, markets, offices, building stairs, elevators, etc. If citizens fail to comply with the new rule they shall be fined Lek 2,000.
The implementation of the rule will be enforced by the state police, the municipality police, and inspectors.
The new mask order will put Albania I line with other European countries. Until now, authorities said that face-covering must be worn in enclosed spaces and when it was not possible to maintain the safety distance. The verdict for making face masks mandatory follows weeks of highly daily new cases of COVID-19 while the number of fatalities surpassed 100 on Wednesday.
The use of facemasks has a key role in reducing community transmission.

Source: Health Ministry

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