Albania has 6 Gold Deposits, Mirdita the Richest Area

Albania has 6 Gold Deposits, Mirdita the Richest Area

TIRANA, July 23

Albania has 6 gold deposits spread throughout the country, where the Mirdita district is the biggest source of gold. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy has started the process of public consultation, for the action program for 3 years, between 2019-2021, in implementation of the mining strategy.

This draft decision also defines the politics and action programs and is requesting to realize the sustainable development of existing mineral resources and in perspective, by following the new developments of the Albanian economy, respecting the environment where we live- says the draft decision that has passed in a consultation process.

The initiative contains 3 annexes, the 3-year-old plan for the mineral exploitation, data for the mineral deposits and the areas that are considered dangerous. The list that has published, shows the mineral areas that contain priceless minerals, such as: gold, silver or platinum.

There are 6 areas in Albania, rich with gold deposits, 3 of them are only in Mirdita district. Below is the full list with gold deposits in Albania

1. Mirdita/ area of Bukemire-Simon

2. Mirdita/ area of Kacinari

3. Mirdita/ area of Kthelle e Eperme

4. Kucove-Berat-Gramsh/ area of Mendrake-River of Tomorrica

5. Librazhd/ area of Babje

6. Permet

Mirdita is the richest area with gold deposits in the country, 3 of them are only in this district.  Pictured: Mirdita   Photo Credit/ Wikimedia Commons 


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