Albania Earthquake Economic Damage Nears €1 billion

Albania Earthquake Economic Damage Nears €1 billion

TIRANA, February 5

Two months after Albania was jolted by a 6.4 earthquake, details are emerging about the damage done to over 11 municipalities. The 26th November earthquake claimed the lives of 51 people, some 17,000 were left homeless, and a total of 202,000 persons suffered damage.

The official results of the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) unveiled on Wednesday show that the cost of returning damaged homes and buildings to normal is Euro 843 million while the cost of loss was Euro 141.2 million. The total damage was estimated at Euro 985 million.
According to the report data, the number of damages facilities by sector includes 321 education facilities, 36 healthcare facilities, 11,490 houses, 714 enterprises, 18 accommodation facilities, 42 service facilities, 111 monuments of culture, 75 civil protection facilities, etc.

The PDNA was led by Albanian authorities in cooperation with the European Union, the UN Agencies, and the World Bank (WB). The European Commission (EC) will host a donor’s conference on February 17th in Brussels to provide the international community with the opportunity to announce their support to Albania.

Source/Photo credit: WB Albania

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