Albania among August Low-Cost Destinations for Italians

Albania among August Low-Cost Destinations for Italians


TIRANA, June 5

During recent years, Albania has turned into a favorite tourist destination, especially for those looking for new experiences without breaking the budget. Albania has a seen considerable growth in the number of Italian citizens that visit the country for travel and leisure purposes. Various media outlets in neighboring Italy have been promoting Albania as the unknown must-visit country on the other coast of the Adriatic.
Recently, listed Albania among the low-cost travel options for the month of August, which coincides with the peak season.


Albania is described as a place to discover and still affordable for people traveling on a budget. The article published this week suggests to the Italian travelers a mixture of cultural, historic, and natural landmarks across the country such as Rozafa Castle, the Blue Eye Spring, capital city Tirana and Skanderbeg Square, Dajti Mountain, and Llogara National Park.

The lists of country suggestions also include North Macedonia, and especially Ohrid town, a short drive from Albania, Malta, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

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