Albania, a New Trendy Destination, says TF1

Albania, a New Trendy Destination, says TF1

TIRANA, August 13

The French television channel, TF1 has dedicated a mini-documentary to tourism in Albania, on Sunday, August 11th. The documentary titled ‘Albania, a new trendy destination’ (in French: L’Albanie, une nouvelle destination à la mode) starts with the description by the journalist, talking about the clear waters and the pristine beaches, of the Mediterranean country. He adds that he is not in Corsica, but in Albania, an unknown paradise, in the north of Greece.

Then, the group walks along the Adriatic coast, towards Qeparo, in Vlora county. Here, they meet the family De Vorge, who decided to spend the vacations in Albania. According to them, Albania is still untouched by the massive tourism, that is why they chose to come to this country. The pristine and authentic beaches, big coasts with pebbles, the few people, and low prices are the things that this family likes regarding their holidays in Albania.

qeparo, albania
The French journalist meets the family De Vorge, who is vacationing in the seaside village of Qeparo.  Photo Credit/Joergsam

According to the report by the French journalist, for every meal, the entrée, drinks, and the desserts the cost is €50, for the 6 members of this family. The family De Vorge said that the hotel that they were staying, is with 4 stars, equipped with a pool, their room overlooks the sea, and the price for a night is €80. Here, they add, they have quality services, that they could not have in other countries, and that their children could enjoy. The number of French tourists, who chose Albania as their summer destination for their vacations is 50.000, according to French television TF1, and it’s increasing every year.

The water with a temperature of 27 degrees Celcius and the coast with pebbles seems like the group is in one of the most beautiful beaches of French Riviera. With the difference, that the tourists here don’t come only for sunbathing, but to visit the country as well. The city of Berat, for instance, has become an inevitable stop-by of the tour for French tourists. This city is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a couple from Lyon has decided to spend the night in Berat. Thanks to the guide, they get to know the old city. They say that they are seduced by the landscape, architecture, every wall and building talk about different people, according to them. On their hotel, the journalist meets a couple from Bretagne, who is drinking a juice of cornel, a local drink served ‘with the language of French playwright’, Moliere, the journalist says.

French tourists not only come for sunbathing in Albania but to visit cultural cities too.  Pictured: Old town of Berat, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo Credit/ Pero Kvrzica

The Albanian staff of the hotel says that they have tried to learn the basics of the French language, especially this year because one in 4 tourists is French. According to them, 2019 is impressive as they have welcomed 500 tourists, compared to 100 last year. Beranger Thibeault is the first Frenchman who created his first tour agency in Albania. Today he is visiting a new hotel on the coast. As always, he wants to inspect everything, starting from the pool, washroom, windows, before offering the rooms for rent to his customers. Whilst tourism is developing at a fast pace when you do things fast, not always the outcome is perfect says Thibeault. Albania could become soon the new Croatia, but in the midst of this development, the country should resist to the constructing without stopping, in order to not darken the sky, closes the reportage the French television, TF1.

Source and Photo Credit/ TF1

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