French in Love with Qeparo Village

French in Love with Qeparo Village

TIRANA, June 19
The number of foreigners that are buying properties in southern Albania is increasing. Deutsche Welle in Albanian visited a French couple in the village of Qeparo that plans to live in the village after retirement.
Foreign citizens value the beauty of Qeparo Village in the Southern Riviera.The Albanian coast turned into the favorite destination of international tourists for many years. But not too many have decided to stay and live here.

Deborah Auge from Montpellier France and her husband Philippe are living in Qeparo since six years.
Their first encounter with the small medieval village was love at first sight.
Asked about what do they like more about Qeparo they said the authenticity and the people.
“We have always been enchanted with the people in Albania, the welcome we get,” Deborah says for DW.
They bought and reconstructed two homes in the village, where they spend the period from June to Septemeber. After retirement, they plan to stay here the entire year.
“We bought two houses. We bought this one the first year, reconstructed and rented it. Luckily, we have found somebody, who manages the house because not knowing the language very well is a problem for us. We have somebody, who helps us,” she added.
Deborah is trying to learn Albanian. Asked about her favorite word in Albanian, she says ‘shendet’.
“In my opinion, the landscape here is amazing and I consider Qeparo one of the most beautiful places in the world. People are lovely and hospitable,” Philipe says.
They spend the other half of the day in the second vial, which is under construction.
Each of the villas has reached a value of Euro 80,000.
One of the people in charge for the works says that the French couple likes the people and the architectural style of the village. And the way how the village is built. Stone is the main element in the houses of Qeparo, and they are very strict and tend to preserve the traditional style by using only stone, wood, and iron.

News Source: DW

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