31,000 Arrivals from Kosovo to Albania over the Weekend

31,000 Arrivals from Kosovo to Albania over the Weekend

TIRANA, August 24

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t seem to prevent Kosovans from spending their vacations in Albania.
Over 31,000 people and 11,000 vehicles entered Albania from Kosovo via Morina Cross-border point during the weekend, Kukesi Prefect Zenel Kucana confirmed for ATA. So far, Saturday and Sunday marked the highest number of arrivals from Kosovo for the summer of 2020. Most of the weekend visitors were Albanians from Kosovo.

Patriotism and the lack of COVID-19 restrictions such as negative tests for people traveling to Albania from Kosovo are the main reasons why people from Kosovo wish to spend their vacations on the Adriatic and Ionian coast.
Further on, official data from the Albanian Institute of Statistics show that arrivals from Kosovo during January-June 2020 declined by 51 percent compared to the same period of 2019. Despite this, Kosovans accounted for the highest number of arrivals followed by people from North Macedonia and Greece. While people traveling from Greece are mostly Albanian migrants coming back to their homes and relatives, visitors from Kosovo and North Macedonia are vacationers. Like in previous cases, Albanians from the other side of the border are now showing their support for tourism, one of the worst-hit sectors by the pandemic outbreak in Albania.

For those still undecided about safety during vacations, check out the European Parliament’s advice for safe travel.

Source: ATA

Photo credit: Kukesi Turistik FB

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