2,000-Year-Old Tomb Unearthed in Amantia Necropolis

2,000-Year-Old Tomb Unearthed in Amantia Necropolis

TIRANA, December 7

Albanian archeologists and specialists from the Vlora Culture institutions unearthed an ancient tomb and several cultural relics dating back around 2,200 years in the necropolis of Amantia Archeological Park. The excavation conducted with the purpose of preservation was conducting during the end of November. The Vlora Regional Directorate for Cultural Heritage confirmed that the tomb was vandalized in August. At the time an excavation on the monumental tomb at the entrance of Amantia Park was taking place.

Images provided by the regional institution show a brick-chambered tomb and a selection of artifacts, mostly pottery and ceramic ware. Based on an initial assessment the tomb dates back to the III-II centuries BC.
Moreover, the archeologists documented another tomb located at the monumental entrance of the citadel. According to the specialists, the findings in the tomb confirm that it dates back to the Ottoman period. This is the first time that archeologists find information about the settlement during the Ottoman period.
Besides the important data, the recently unearthed tombs increase the number of monuments to visit in Amantia. Meanwhile, the relics found in the tombs will be added to the funds of local or national museums.

Gërmime arkeologjike shpëtimi në qytetin dhe varrezën e Amantias.

Përgjatë kësaj jave specialistët e D.R.T.K-Vlorë dhe…

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Source/Photo Credit: DRTK Vlore

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