2 million trees for Lura Forest

2 million trees for Lura Forest

Although the Lura Forest is declared a national park and is protected by law, its trees have been cut by smugglers, who haven’t spared even the oldest ones.

The Ministry of Environment has decided to intervene not only to stop the destruction, but also to plant new trees and clean the wonderful lakes. More than 2 million trees will be planned in 300 hectares. The General Secretary at the Ministry of Environment, Alqi Bllako, declared that the Ministry has contacted two private companies which will pave 18 kilometers of road within two years, rehabilitate the area and clean the lakes.

“The investment at the Lura Park might mount up to 1 million USD for one year, especially for turning it to identity. The first phase for the park will be rehabilitating the main infrastructure, placing signs, cleaning the lakes and the park area, and then we will start with the planting of trees in 300 hectares”, declared Alqi Bllako.

Besides the full rehabilitation of Lura, the Ministry of Environment has secured a 5 million EUR fund that will be used for the forestation of protected areas.
“There will be investments in parks such as the Divjaka and Karavasta, and in the protected environment of Buna, Velipoja, Drin, Lezhe, Kune Vain in Tale and other areas”, declared the General Secretary of the Ministry of Environment.

Hundreds of thousands of hectares of forests have been burned and cut in protected areas, causing a huge damage for the environment and for the economy.

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