15 Winning Ideas on Buna – Velipoja Restoration Project

15 Winning Ideas on Buna – Velipoja Restoration Project

TIRANA, January 9

Living Buna project partners announced 15 winners among 33 applications submitted following the launch of a call for proposals for socio-economic development and habitat restoration in the Buna River Velipoja Protected landscape. Local people who lived in this protected area were to submit their ideas for the funding of the projects that will be useful for the socio-economic development and the restoration of the eco-system of this area. The main purpose of this announcement was to contribute to the long-term preservation of the species and habitats in this protected area, implementing concrete actions on the terrain.
After carefully evaluating all proposals using the scoring table and eligibility criteria, the board members have selected the following 15 project proposals for funding.

Federation of Forests and Communal Pastures of Shkodra Municipality – Improvement of natural habitats and infrastructure in support of sustainable tourism

2. Green Center Albania – Sustainable tourism and promotion of agro products in the area of Ana e Malit

3. Albanian Water Sports and Tourism – Sport and agro-tourism for sustainable development of Buna’s eco-system

4. Drane Ahi – Improvement of infrastructure for pollution reduction in the protected area

5. Federation of Fishing Organizations of Albanian Transboundary Internal Waters (FFOATIW) – Eco-tourism fishing – an economic and-pro-environment fishing alternative

6. Mirash Kalaj – Development of sustainable tourism through the improvement of infrastructure

7. Gjeto Malaj – Exploitation of solar energy for water heating

8. Pashko Qarri – Sustainable use of water resources in agriculture

9. Albanian Alps Alliance – Protection Duna and Creative Tourism “ProDuCT”

10. Zef Guraj – Sustainable use of water resources in agriculture

11. Arben Ujka – Sustainable use of water resources

12. Anton Marashi – Sustainable use of water resources

13. Leon Kalaj (Jakaj) – Cultivation of pomegranate and installation of irrigation system

14. Association of Users of Natural, Environmental, Pasture-Forest Resources ”Cukali” – Improvement of natural habitats and infrastructure to the benefit of sustainable tourism

15. Aarhus Information Center Shkodra – Development of eco-tourism in Baks-Rroll, as a potential for the community and the benefit of the service

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Source/Photo Credit: livingbuna

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