10 Most Popular University Degrees in Albania in 2019

10 Most Popular University Degrees in Albania in 2019

TIRANA, May 18

Tertiary education statistics show that ‘Business, Administration and Law’ and ‘Social sciences, Journalism and Information’ accounted for the highest number of graduates in 2019. The data released on Monday by the Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) provide insights on the education trends as well as on gender equality in tertiary education.
Based on the data, the share of tertiary graduates by field of education in 2019 was not different from the previous years. Albanian students still prefer a career in business or law. Data from Eurostat show that the same trend prevailed in the EU member countries in 2017.
Fields of education by the percentage of graduates

Business, administration and law – 27.8 percent
Social sciences, journalism and information – 15.4 percent
Education – 10.7 percent
Arts and humanities – 10.7 percent
Health and welfare – 10.5 percent
Engineering, manufacturing and construction – 9.4 percent
Information and communication technologies – 5.3 percent
Engineering, manufacturing and construction – 4.1 percent
Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary – 3.2 percent
Services – 2.8 percent

Education data Albania
In terms or gender data, women accounted for 81.4 percent of graduates in the Education field of study, 79.1 percent in health and wellbeing, and 78.2 percent in Arts and Humanities.
Meanwhile, men accounted for 73.6 percent in Services, 62.6 percent in Engineering, Production and Construction, and 55.1 percent in Agriculture forestry, fisheries and veterinary.

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According to Eurostat, jobs are becoming more flexible and complex as they are driven by digital technology and innovation. This has resulted in a growing number of employers seeking staff with the necessary capacities to manage complex information, think autonomously, be creative, use resources in a smart and efficient manner, as well as communicate effectively.

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Source/Photo Credit: INSTAT

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