10 Best tours to visit Albania by foreigners

10 Best tours to visit Albania by foreigners

TIRANA, March 15

Increasingly,  Albania is becoming an interesting destination for foreigners and different agencies that prepare different tours. One of them is “Turradar”, which has headquarters in 17 countries and operates since 2010.
Lately,  Albania is part of the advertised routes as well. There are 62 different tours that provide staying from 3 to 13 days to foreign tourists. September is the month with more tours, but the most favorable period of time that is recommended to visit Albania is starting from April.
Prices start from 214 euros per person, while the tour with higher costs is from 1,000 to 2,000 euros.

Among the best 10 tours are:

– “Discover Albania” 14 destinations can be visited  and it is a historical tour, where the price per day is estimated at about 80 euros.
– Riviera is another interesting proposed tour where you can visit seven Albanian destinations. The price is estimated at 167 euro per day.
– Climbing in Albanian Alps, a tour with 6-days duration and priced at 112 euros a day.
– Ten destinations in ten days is another tour offered by this agency and starts with Tirana and ends with Krujë city, accomplished mainly by bus and the price per day is estimated at 82 euro.
– Another interesting tour is the one that offers climbing and boating, exploring different rare beauties of Albania. In total there are seven destinations to visit, as Dhërmiu,  Durrësi etc.
– Jeep Safari in Theth offers a different experience in the area of Theth in northern Albania and the price is calculated at 71 euros per day. But, Valbona can be visited together with Thethi by one tour that costs only 124 euros per day.
– For walking enthusiasts, there is one tour that lasts 8 days and offers tours in Albania and in Kosovo as well, for 113 euros per day.  It starts with Tirana and ends with Krujë.

News Source: Monitor

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