Zana Startup Resident at Hubraum Tech Incubator

Zana Startup Resident at Hubraum Tech Incubator

TIRANA, December 6

Zana Technologies team is now a resident at Hubraum Tech Incubator of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin. Zana, a common Albanian name that means fairy, is a conversational AI platform for health, developed and co-founded by Julia Hoxha and Armand Brahaj based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

“They are an award-winning health startup, building an intelligent voice assistant that combines natural language conversational AI with remote patient monitoring through wearables. For people suffering from chronic illnesses or coming out of surgery, it could be a game-changer to feel securely monitored while keeping healthcare costs down,” Hubraum says.

Zana is an intelligent assistant that responds to health questions with trusted medical information. The assistant can understand through a natural language dialog in real-time (via text or voice) the information need of the user.

Through intelligent recommendations, Zana is able to show concise informative articles and products for personal health management.
In 2018 Zana was awarded a prestigious EXIST start-up grant to help transfer the technologies and know-how investigated during several years of research work into an innovative product for the market.

Source: Hubraum

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