Youth of Tirana to promote rural areas

Youth of Tirana to promote rural areas

Tirana, Albania
9 May 2016

In the framework of the Europe Day and in an attempt to develop rural areas of Tirana, Tirana Municipality organized a two day event in Shengjergj village. The forum called “EUTRANSIT” gathered about 1500 young adults living in rural areas and local authorities in a two day event comprised of many activities.

The two vice Mayors of Tirana, Brunilda Paskali and Andi Seferi have discussed with young people who live in Shengjergj village opportunities for promoting and developing rural areas. The Tirana Municipality officials also said the future of rural economies is farming and the production of bio-based products which later can be exported in the international markets. The vice Mayor Brunilda Paskali said that villages in Albania have not developed in the past 25 years since people preferred living in big cities but nowadays things are changing.

EUTRANSIT will support financially 30 business ideas submitted by young adults who live in rural areas of Tirana Municipality. Farming and other activities in the agriculture and agro processing sector are seen as the only way to develop the rural areas in Albania.

News source/photo credits: ATA

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